Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Early Attempts at Photorealism - Little Girl

Not too long ago I learned about photorealism (sometimes referred to as hyperrealism). While many critics dismissed this as a form of art, I believe that photorealism involves a great deal of skill and patience. I also see the potential of photorealism (for example, using I photo that I took, but adding in things that my photo did not capture). Alas, I digress. I am unofficially trying my hand at photorealism using either photos found online, photos I've taken or other photos. Below is a drawing showing the photo and the attempt at the photorealistic representation in pencil form.

Here are links to some inspiring photorealistic drawings. Hope you enjoy  

Linda Huber:

Brian Duey:

Juan Francisco Casas:


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Little S-Link Silver Wire Bracelet

I learned that I need a LOT of practice when it comes to jewelry making. I have a vision, but in the process I lose it, and just get frustrated. I'm still learning how to manipulate wire, and still need either Tool Magic or some nylon pliers so that I stop stripping the wire. In any case, I tried to make a simple bracelet for my niece today. It's a little smaller so I'm hoping it fits her nicely.

S-Link bracelet with silver wire and beads

Another view

Full circle

It's very simplistic, but I hope she likes it. What do you folks think? Suggestions, supplies, insights, commentary, anything, I need to know!! Thanks for reading ^^


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Silver Wire Wrapped Spiral Ring

Hello again! Here we go, playing with wire. I would love to do some casting, soldering, etc. but I don't have the equipment (or space, or money), so I'm sticking with wire for now to create these little accessories. I'm using 20 gauge artistic silver wire, along with round nose pliers, flat nose pliers, and side cutters. 

And today I have....(drum roll)... a wire wrapped spiral ring! See?

My spirals are not perfect, but nothing is. Don't judge!

Here's the rear view (hehehe, rear).

As you can see, it doesn't really stand up well (I mean hello, it has spirals!). So don't mind that it keeps falling to the side.

Looks a little sad here  : (

On the finger, so shiny!

I give it a thumbs up  ^^

I'm not going to try to sell this yet, but if you have feedback, ideas, comments, let me know.

Hand made bracelet using silver wire and beads

Hello! I have recently taken an interest in jewelry making. I ordered my first silver wire, tools and beads and went to work right away.  Here is the "finished" product.  Finished, of course, if it gets positive feedback.

I aimed for symmetry. Did I get it?

Another aerial photo of the bracelet.
As seen on the hand. Rockin'  \m/

Up close.

Lobster clasp.

The wire measures 7.5", however having looped the ends it cuts down the size of the bracelet. I could adjust it for whoever would want it. It's currently posted on Etsy for a modest price. I'd like to justify buying more supplies and equipment if I can at least cover costs, because I really love making jewelry so far! Please take a look, and if you fancy anything, let me know!


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Repurposed Crystal Light Container

Hello again! I'm really new to the DIY scene, but decided to post my first repurposed item. I always buy Crystal Light and thought "I could use these, somehow...but for what?"  Then it hit me, and, lo' and behold, I found a way to reuse them!

My little art supply

I don't have any wallpaper, glue or those fancy things, but you could easily cover these canisters and make something really pretty, like these folks have (note: I googled this after I repurposed the containers. wish I thought of those sooner!). Besides, the transparency allows me to see what I need when drawing.


more stuff

canister is the perfect pocket for these charcoal pencils

And there it is. Now instead of storing all my stuff in the crappy plastic bag I bought it in, I can put them in here! Let's hope the cats don't knock it down and turn my colored pencils into some freaky tie dye on the floor...

So what other repurposing have you done? Also, any suggestions for more repurposing? I really don't want to buy more crap to store my crap in, know what I mean?