Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Beaded "Sakura" Bracelet

Hello again! This is actually my second beading project, inspired by a tutorial for a Lattice Bracelet which I found on Pinterest. I changed the pattern just a little. It is done using Right Angle Weave. The pink and black beads remind me of a cherry blossom tree, hence the name "sakura bracelet" ("sakura" is Japanese for "cherry blossom").  I used fishing thread (nylon monofilament), size 0.40mm, no needle because I am still trying to figure out this whole needle-and-thread thing for beading.

Here you can clearly see the beaded loop and ball closure, also taken from this tutorial from Ruby's Beadwork.

The bracelet feels very light and flexible, but sturdy due to the nylon. It was a pleasure making this and I can't wait to make another!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Jewelry Making - Silver Wire Wrapped Ring with Green Beads

Hello Hello!

It's been awhile since my last post, but I have made some headway in jewelry making, especially with all the pinspirations that I've seen over the last few months. I bought a steel bench block and a hammer so I could start hammering some of my wire pieces. I also obtained more wire in different gauges so I could practice the wire wrapping within the ring. And yes, there is a kitty in the background  ^^.

The ring is adjustable, and the hammered end has hardened it and helped it keep its shape.

This is just the start for me with hammering and wire wrapping.  I can't wait to try so many other wire wrapping tutorials I've seen!