Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How Effective is Pinterest in Helping Animals in Need? (A Poll)

Has seeing an animal in need on Pinterest made you jump to action?

Hi everyone! I've thought about it a few times, especially with so many pinterest boards dedicated to animals, animal adoption, animal rescue, petitions, donations, etc.  I wanted to know how effective are these boards. Has anyone ever adopted or fostered an animal that they saw on a pinterest board? Or have they sprang into action because of animal they saw or story they read on pinterest? For myself, I remember seeing some Urgent Pets on Death Row Cats in the NYC Animal Care & Control shelters. Knowing only very little of it, I started to delve into this world more, and learn more about this organization (Urgent) and how they try to help animals who are put on death row because there is no space in the shelter. Of course, the shelter states that they only euthanize pets who have a serious illness or severe behavioral issues. And there is a whole lot of discussion regarding necessary reform.  Alas, I digress...

So, has seeing any of these animals on Pinterest helped spring you to action, or have you adopted or fostered any that you initially saw on pinterest? Or do you know someone who has helped an animal because they saw it on Pinterest? I am curious to know.

The reason I would like to do this informal poll is to know the effectiveness of sharing on Pinterest vs. Facebook groups, and also to figure out where efforts should be concentrated. I'm just a person who wants to help save the lives of innocent cats  =^..^=

You can comment or answer the poll. I'll try to collect as much as I can, but given the amount of traffic my little blog gets, I doubt it will be much  :p


Hermione, formerly "Redz", pulled from Brooklyn AC&C with the help of a rescue group, .