Monday, October 28, 2013

Wire Work Shapes - Playing with Wire, Hammer and Anvil

Hey there!

I made some wire things a few months ago, and now realize that I am all out of "practice" wire. It's so easy to "waste" wire, isn't it? If you know where to get a budget friendly stock pile of good wire, let me know in the comments.

Anywho, while experimenting with some ideas, I came up with the following designs. They are made with 16 gauge craft wire, and the antique bronze is 26 gauge craft wire. They have also been hammered on my anvil, making them flatter and strengthening the wire.

A Bow. Want to create little arrows as well  :)

Wire Bow

Leaves Frames (maybe for earrings?). They are obviously not twins, more like sisters  ;)

Wire leaves frames

Chubby hearts. Should these be earrings? Not sure what to do with them...

Chubby wire hearts

Scepter, or Staff. Lots of stuff going on here. There's coiled wire, beads, wrapping, and hammered curls on the bottom.  I imagined a mage would use it to cast some spells.

Wire scepter or staff

Wire scepter or staff - full length view

Crescent moon. I added spirals in the center of this pendant.

Wire wrap crescent moon

Wire has so much potential! I can't wait to make some more intricate things with wire weaving, wrapping, etc.