Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Beaded Things Experimentation

Ok, so I've seen a lot of cute and awesome beaded things on pinterest, like mini pumpkins, purses, cubes, flowers, and so on. These "pinspired" beaded things come from a beaded heart I saw here and the purse here.
I had some difficulty, to say the least, because of my lack of supplies; no beading thread or cord, only 28 gauge wire, and no threading needle. I couldn't help myself though, as I saw these things and I needed to try making them with what I had! Well, you can see the results.

Beaded Heart Pendant

Oh, look at all that wire

I followed the free tutorial tutorial on http://www.beadjewelrymaking.com, which wasn't too hard (and also has tons of free tutorials, by the way),  but my heart is kind of a sad one.

No, this is not American Greetings

It looks black, but it's really dark blue. You can see the antique bronze wire all over. But I like how sturdy it is! I was trying to put a loop on top (like a bail) to be used as a charm or pendant, but I couldn't do it.
Anyway, I know this is not a wonderful creation, but at least it is possible!

Moving on to item 2, is a purse, which looks really cute on the tutorial:

Beaded Hangbag Charm

My result, however, is quite different.

Beaded Handbag (Hand bag? Purse? Whatever)

I'm all crooked!

I also acquired a model to demonstrate this creation.

I'm not sure this complements his complexion

I tried positioning the accessory differently on this model, but I think the handbag is just an utter failure.

Yes, turn away from the camera, look casual. And strike a pose!

Alas, I think my model may have been too masculine for this handbag. At least he had fun being in the middle of all of my supplies! And I had fun making these. So, even if you're lacking in some supplies, just try something with what you have and improvise. It might look like a mess, but you'll still be learning and having fun.

(Credits to Popeye for the modeling and photos)