Sunday, May 27, 2012

Repurposed Crystal Light Container

Hello again! I'm really new to the DIY scene, but decided to post my first repurposed item. I always buy Crystal Light and thought "I could use these, somehow...but for what?"  Then it hit me, and, lo' and behold, I found a way to reuse them!

My little art supply

I don't have any wallpaper, glue or those fancy things, but you could easily cover these canisters and make something really pretty, like these folks have (note: I googled this after I repurposed the containers. wish I thought of those sooner!). Besides, the transparency allows me to see what I need when drawing.


more stuff

canister is the perfect pocket for these charcoal pencils

And there it is. Now instead of storing all my stuff in the crappy plastic bag I bought it in, I can put them in here! Let's hope the cats don't knock it down and turn my colored pencils into some freaky tie dye on the floor...

So what other repurposing have you done? Also, any suggestions for more repurposing? I really don't want to buy more crap to store my crap in, know what I mean?