Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Right Angle Weave Silver Pearl Bracelet

Finally! Another completed beaded project by the non-beading bead weaver (try saying that 3 times fast).

I found the following page with a few different schemes or patterns:

I saw this particular 2 needle right angle weave pattern, and thought I'd give it a try with my 6mm gray pearls and black seed beads:

CikCak cernobily.jpg
Note: You can scroll down, or Ctrl+F for "Zigzag cernobily".

As you can see, I didn't follow it exactly (I got confused when adding the seed beads).

Looks more like "V"s instead of "X"s, but that's ok  

Close up of the pattern

It's actually not a very long bracelet

I really like the raised effect that the seed beads add to the bracelet.  It gives it added depth.  I added a silver toggle clasp to the bracelet. My modest goal is to make a matching set for this piece.  I'm so happy to have tried something new!

Enjoy your beading / bead weaving!


1 comment:

  1. Repeated three times, then five - didnt get it. I even didn't really get the phrase without repeating lol.
    But I love your bracelet. It's so elegant!
    And noticed you're experimenting with photos. Good for you!